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2008 releases
22 janvier 2008, par the artist claiming to know gashouse dave

BONJOUR mes amis etc, AMIGOS, Pals and comrads(laughs) its been a while, but the products take way longer/ because I am editing, and digitizing the (error rate), crossfades, endings, compression, placement, etc> MIXING AND mastering lab/ ALL Violet One Publishing becomes the subject and under the ALREADY SPENT CLAUSE which buffed the paint down to bare metal> filled in the dents, and the workmen went to the topless bar to blow off their advance(budget). Bucks spent to the engineering department have been syphoned and consumed by partygoers, revelers, and free passes to PLAYOFF games, gigs, AIRFARE, Hotels, cabrides & tips, BIG dessert trays, ladies, models, glamour photos, callgirls, madams, pick-me-ups for the dancers, entertainment incidental pettycash/ nude pole-multiple lapdances, probation and attorney fees, drug tests, AND EVIDENCIARY matters tangential found on the premisis IN/on and around the razorwire and electric surveillence beepers, lazerlights, and houndtrackers, Rambova Digita/HOLLYWOOD.

SEE THAT MY GRAVE IS KEPT CLEAN It couldnt happen without your encouragement/ like the guy on the 15th floor> I hear you all shouting "Jump!"

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