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under a june’s starry sky in frampas
21 juin 2016, par Viviane

Hello, Neal! I saw yu at Frampas sunday evening. Each time, it’s like a discover: is it possible to play and sing this fantastic way?You’re really a great performer and an irrepreciable philosopher. I can’t stand losing an opportunity to see yu on stage.. It’s a so strong sensation. A so amazing musical poetry! A heartily respect for your musicians too, especially Kris Jefferson,your bass player and his luminous smile! Thank yu very much for these two different pleasures:the CDs so roots, your incredible songwriter’s talent and secondly, the concerts: the high energy of your band, your dexterity and virtuosity, your mysterious and magnetic presence. When I hear your words, I fell your authenticity and your honesty. Our world is’nt sweet neither angelic.Sometimes, you’re a witness of doubt, desillusion, deception. I’m so sorry cuz women don’t seem really reliable....But you smile on stage; you give time to your fans: you’re generous! you’re speaking of brotherhood(cf your new album with Larry Garner) We need your world’s vision without concession. (But sense of humour is present too.) you’re true. I just want to tell yu that you’re very important for your fans. Ihope that your lucidity isn’t too heavy neither cutting for you. Take care of yu, dear Neal! Thanks a lot for the conversation! Human’s contact ’s one of the richest things. it’s a deep way to approach people that you want to better understand. I need your songs to feel well. I need to know that you’re breathing in with world. We often feel sad, desappointed, betrayed. Life is full of bitter tears and broken dreams, as you rightly said. But sun’s still shining; brotherhood and friendship still exist. Your words are lights in darkness, shelter against despair. You teach it in your songs. and sometimes, under a june’s starry sky, people like me have the great chance to see, hear and meet someone good like you! I fell in love with the blues when I bought your first Dixiefrog’s album. Of 1993. thank yu for this precious gift. you changed my life. Since then,I spend all my free time in blues festivals! and I see yu several times a year, as soon as possible! I wish yu very good times. See yu probably in August in nantes and certainly in December 16, Rethel to end this 2016 ’s year with you and Fred Chappellier. And of course at the time of 2017’s tour with Larry Garner! Jesus and Johnnie walker bless you! Lot of love! Viviane

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