Eric & Ulrika Bibb - Pray Sing Love

PRAY SING LOVE is a collection of new songs sung by Eric Bibb and his wife, Ulrika. Recorded in Sweden, featuring many of their favorite musicians, the album celebrates the glory of love, spiritual companionship and Marriage.

This release is only available in digital format.

Archie Lee Hooker - Chilling

Archie Lee Hooker was John Lee Hooker’s nephew and became his foster child when he was a teenager. Today he is telling through songs the saga of the famous bluesman. A perfect gift for the fans of John Lee Hooker who will discover little known aspects of his life. « I left the plantations of Mississippi at thirteen years of age and headed up north on highway 49 to the bright lights and big city of Memphis Tennessee. But singing the Blues finally came about in December of ‘89 when I moved in with my uncle John Lee, the Boogieman himself… »

Soul Return - Soul Return

JJ Holiday, guitar player with the Imperial Crowns meets singer/harmonica player Kellie Rucker in a band aptly called Soul Return. Their CD is a musical gem reminiscent of the times when Janis Joplin sat in with the Grateful Dead!

Fred Chapellier and the Gents - featuring Dale Blade - Set me free

When one of the top French guitar players meets a great voice from Louisiana !

When Fred Chapellier listened to the voice of Dale Blade, a native of New orleans who grew up listening to Professor Longhair and Fats Domino in the clubs on Bourbon street, he knew immediately he had found the one that could finally allow him to focus totally on what he prefers : to play the guitar and compose without limitations because Dale can sing everything!

Ian Siegal - All The Rage

A studio album from Ian Siegal is always a seismic event. Recent times have seen this award-winning British songwriter put untold miles on the clock, with the spit-and-grit of his shows bottled in several live albums. But in 2018, it’s tantalising to find his name alongside ten new original songs and to anticipate where All The Rage might take the man whose material was rightly trumpeted by Mojo as “awash with wit, lust and distraction”.

Sue Foley - The Ice Queen


Recorded in Austin,Texas, with the best of the local blues-rock scene, namely ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons, Dylan’s ex-sideman Charlie Sexton and the legendary Jimmie Vaughan, the new album by the Canadian guitar player and singer Sue Foley is entitled « The Ice Queen ». Guaranteed to thaw you out!

The Sideshow Tragedy - The View From Nowhere

The Austin/Texas blues inspired by the XIX century French poet Arthur Rimbaud. Hailing from Austin, Texas, The Sideshow Tragedy is an indie blues-roots-rock duo. Named after references from the Rimbaud poem "Parade", referring to a brutal and gruesome vision of the world. Nathan Singleton's National guitar is supported by Jeremy Harrell's hard-hitting drums, resulting in an adrenaline-fuelled sound. Perfect for people who enjoy Chris Whitley, Nick Cave, The Black Keys or The White Stripes.

Nico Wayne Toussaint - Plays James Cotton

After a few years break from recording, Nico Wayne Toussaint is making a dazzling come back with an album entirely dedicated to the repertoire of James Cotton, the legendary harp player and singer who passed away last march and had been long associated with Muddy Waters. Nico met James Cotton in the US in 2003 and ended up on stage with him, blowing Cotton's own harmonica! With this album he pays a vibrant tribute to his mentor, backed up by his usual band supplemented by a brass trio. Strong and moving!

Rosedale - Long Way To Go

Rosedale is a rock and blues band formed in 2016 by singer Amandyn Roses and guitar player/songwriter Charlie Fabert, longtime guitarist of Fred Chapellier, but who also toured with Paul Cox, Janet Robin, Dave White.... Together they revisit American roots music with a fresh and interesting approach. Rosedale’s emotional mix of classic and modern influences paired with a devoted social media following has seen the band's popularity skyrocket in just a few months - their 2017 diary is filling up quickly, with bookings already announced on top festivals all over France.

Watermelon Slim - Golden Boy

When one sees America in mental and social disarray, rebel poets always rise out of the woodworks. The weathered and shattered face of this outlaw is telling the story of his life: Vietnam veteran, blue collar worker, 18-wheel trucker, socialist activist. Now based in the Mississippi Delta, he paid his dues singing his mixture of Blues and Americana in juke-joints and honky-tonks across the country. His lyrics combine a staggering sense of poetry and deep social consciousness and his moving voice conveys the soul of the real America.