Guy Verlinde - Rooted in the blues

With this collection of 13 original old school blues cuts #1 Belgian blues artist Guy Verlinde goes back to the roots. He not only digs deep in the past of the rich blues tradition, but also shares his own blues roots.

Eric Bibb - The happiest man in the world

"THE HAPPIEST MAN IN THE WORLD" is a tasty gumbo of new bluesy-country songs recorded in the English countryside...The stellar acoustic band, made up of musicians who have known each other for years, features legendary upright bassist Danny Thompson. His exuberant, soulful sound at the heart of these songs makes THE HAPPIEST MAN IN THE WORLD a real treat.

Fred Chapellier - It never comes easy

A new studio album by Fred Chapellier, the iconic French blues guitar player. In order to celebrate his 50th birthday, Fred teamed with the legendary British sound engineer Steve Forward (Ray Charles, Serge Gainsbourg, Paul McCartney) and, again, extends his range of colors while tapping from the very sources of original blues and rock music.

Yana Bibb - Afternoon in Paris

This is Yana Bibb’s second album. “Afternoon in Paris” is produced by Swedish blues guitar player Staffan Astner. The album promises the right mix of groovy blues and soulful jazz (with a touch of Swedish folk melody) and shows her musical range, influence and depth.

Neal Black & Larry Garner - Guilty Saints

Neal Black is from San Antonio and his music is rooted in the Texas tradition while Larry Garner hails from Baton Rouge, the hotbed of Louisiana Blues. On this "double artist" album they shared everything, songwriting, production, guitar licks and vocals for a truly sparking and inspiring linkage.

Bo Weavil - A son of pride

With "A Son Of Pride" the new album by Bo Weavil & Band, Matthieu Fromont version of the blues is more electric and sophisticated than before. At the crossroads of rock, funk and garage rhythm 'n blues... Dynamite pulp blues!

Leadfoot Rivet - Southern Echoes

Outstanding record after astounding record, Leadfoot RIVET is paving his own way to a very unique spot in the blues, soul & roots music domain. His new offering "Southern Echoes" is a vibrant tribute to the golden age of these styles without being out of date, or a bland copy of his mentors.
Musicians, as usual, are some of the very best there is notably Anson FUNDERBURGH on guitar from Dallas Texas, Slim BATTEUX on organ (Percy Sledge / Ray Charles / Billy Paul ...) and vocals and Stan NOUBARD-PACHA (guitar) plus Stephane AVELLANEDA, Ana Popovic's drummer.

Popa Chubby - Big, Bad and Beautiful Live

It has been ten long years since Popa Chubby released a live album. This double live CD was recorded in march 2015 and features Popa's hits from Booty and The Beast all the way to his 25th Anniversary CD "I'm feeling lucky". As a special treat Popa and band offer up an impromptu mini set of Rolling Stones classics. This is a career defining live release for the 55 year old NYC guitar slinger!

Balkun Brothers - Balkun Brothers

Seduced by the pissed off blues rock of two nasty little brats from Connecticut, Popa Chubby decided to produce their first album and to hit the road with them. Saint Slide pray for us, time has come for the Balkun Brothers!

Duke Robillard - The Acoustic Blues & Roots

An acoustic guitar in his hands, the Duke, once again, demonstrates his love for the blues, ragtime, early jazz, country and folk music pioneers and pay homage to the founding fathers who laid the foundations of today's american roots music.