Leadfoot Rivet - One Night On The Road Live !

Big voiced Leadfoot should have been born in Louisiana where some of his RIVET cousins are still livin'. For the last 40 years he has been suckin' american music's bone marrow firsthand from a bunch of the great artists he used to work like Bobby Bland, Sam Myers, Albert King, Wilson Pickett, Tommy Castro, Jimmy Thackery or Zachary Richard, all he is missin' is an american passport or a green card! The atmosphere of this live is electric, intense and really moving. Leadfoot offers us a raw slice of blues and spicy soul. Cherry on the cake: his long-time friend Amos Garrett offered him some magic guitar chorus on two songs!

Neal Black - Before Daylight

With this new album (celebrating 20 years of collaboration with his French label Dixiefrog) Neal Black once again defies the stereotypical expectations of being a Texas Guitar Slinger. His lyrical content leans more towards a Bluesy version of Bukowski and his unique approach to Lead Guitar still tastes of Texas but comes closer to sounding like a Turbo-Charged Chris Rea or Peter Green.

The album’s underlying theme of “in darkness there is hope” is accentuated by Neal Black’s raw, smoky vocals that make us believe every word he sings is the Voodoo Gospel truth. With Songs like “Jesus & Johnny Walker” and “Dead By Now”, Neal Black crosses into new territory musically and lyrically.

“Before Daylight” is the 9th Album and a celebration of a 20 year relationship between Neal Black and Dixiefrog Records and features Neal’s incredible backing band “The Healers” including Mike Lattrell (Piano, Organ, Mandolin, Accordion) and Kris Jefferson (Bass & Percussion), both former Popa Chubby musicians, but also Dave Bowler (Drums & Percussion) and Bako Mikaelian (Harmonica).

Blues Power Band - Invasion

In 2014 the Beeps are still in top form as they deliver their latest CD, the tonic,inventive and powerful invasion. A world of their own that unfolds on 13 self-penned compositions including several “anthems” on the borders of rock & blues !

Malted Milk - On Stage Tonight!

Since their debut album under Dixiefrog Records licence, MALTED MILK continues to grow up and the band is, now, considered as a real new soul attraction. Today they have invited, on their damn Live album, 20SYL from the national acclaimed HOCUS POCUS band (with the hit band C2C in the top of the European and worldwide charts) plus some other guests as the fresh young female singer and guitarist NINA ATTAL or KARL W. DAVIS. With this first live recording, MALTED MILK takes a real turn in its career and becomes a huge and concrete French value in the afro american music style!

Nico Wayne Toussaint & Michel Foizon - On the Go

Our French-American harp player and showman Nico Wayne Toussaint just realesed a damn roots and cracking bones blues with his pal Michel Foizon, a fantastic and very fine french guitarist. Both of them are inviting us in the deep south for a journey in the real big country and under a real "blue" sky… Harp playing, great singing, blue guitars and footstomping are the elements you'll find in this superb moment recorded in Miami by those great musicians!

Yana Bibb - Not A Minute Too Late

She is Eric Bibb's daughter and Leon Bibb's granddaughter. With such an upbringing it was only natural for her to become a jazz vocalist in order to carry on this rich family legacy. Whether singing standards or her own delicate compositions, Yana Bibb exudes a likable personality served by a gracious tone of voice and a peerless musicianship.

Her musical instincts are right on target whether she deals with swing or more intimate music. Backed by her father's guitar on "Oceans" or her grand father's presence on "Send Love", her voice becomes even more intimate and touching, filled with sincerity and simplicity. No stranger to either jazz, soul, folk, or blues, Yana Bibb's aesthetic seduces on every track of a wonderful album. A real discovery and the evidence that the Bibb name is here to stay.

Mr. Bo Weavil - As A Striving Lonesome Bull

Mr Bo Weavil is the direct heir to Bo Weavil, once hailed as the best blues band in France by no less than Ben Harper. Matthieu Fromont has chosen to continue his musical voyage solo this time, writing all of the tracks of this new album. Matthieu also illustrates his instrumental proficiency on this As a Striving Lonesome Bull, playing guitar, bass, percussion, banjo, Jew's harp, flute and drum loops. A gifted alchemist, he throws into his blues mix a touch of rock, a pinch of rap, and a few drops of African gris-gris. A total success!

Pillac - Nervous Breakdown

Pillac is one of those select few French artists capable of breathing new life into the blues heritage. The outstanding quality of his work is the result of ten years of ardent labor, the fruit of Xavier Pillac's total commitment to an art form the Blues Muse lay at his feet at an early age. Pillac mixes blues, funk and soul (in full horn regalia) with astonishing savvy in this self-titled opus. An essential album for all blues aficionados.

Harrison Kennedy - Soulscape

For the past decade, his recordings have earned Harrison Kennedy many accolades in the business. No less than B.B. King has hailed him as Canada’s premier blues performer. Singing and playing the mandolin, the banjo, the guitar and the harmonica in a mostly acoustic setting, his strong poetic writing and full sense of irony largely contribute to the growing success of this very special blues troubadour. His latest album, and his finest to date, Soulscape, displays formidable creativity as he delves into the many musical influences passed on to him. The release of this album is not only a giant step for Harrison; it is one for the blues.

Leyla McCalla - Vari-Colored Songs

Leyla McCall has been a part of the Carolina Chocolate Drops for the past two years. The cross-pollination of her Haitian roots with the African-American folk blues tradition endows her music with a unique, highly poetic freshness.

Tom Principato - Robert Johnson Told Me So

Tom Principato worked hard two years on this recording including only original songs and he thinks that it’s definitely his best work so far !

It has again some cameos by some well known names : Chuck Leavell Keyboards (Allman Brothers, The Rolling Stones…), WILLIE WEEKS Bass (Eric Clapton, Gregg Allman), STEVE WOLF Bass (Danny Gatton, Nighthawks), TOMMY LEPSON Organ (Roy Buchanan,Danny Gatton) and some others…

Eric Bibb - Jericho Road

With this new effort, Eric Bibb gives a personal vision of today’s world in his own poetic and contemporary way. Born and raised in New York, Bibb has traveled the planet extensively. He describes the people of this earth at length here, conjuring their conflicts and hardships, as well as their compassion, tolerance and empathy. “Jericho Road” was produced by Glen Scott, a young Englishman originally from Jamaica endowed with outstanding talent and creativity. Scott’s lavish musical arrangements and attention to sound make this new recording an exceptionally fine production. Eric gives a whole new meaning to the blues of the 21st Century, proving that the genre remains as lively and relevant as ever. Jericho Road is an event in itself, and a superlative album.

The Campbell Brothers - Beyond The 4 Walls

"If Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and Django Reinhardt formed a band with Mahalia Jackson on vocals, they could almost keep up with the Campbell Brothers." said once, one of the devotees of the band. In the Campbell Brothers' music the lap steel and the pedal steel guitar (instruments generally associated with country music) become another preacher or another choir member singing the praises of the Lord with a similar spiritual freedom.

Candye Kane - Coming out swingin'

A Jukebox for the mind that moves the body and spirit with a broad selection of blues and jump swing originals and hip covers. The gritty guitar of Laura Chavez is original, innovative and searing. If you haven't heard her play before, you wont forget her playing or her name, ever again. She accompanies veteran diva Kane seamlessly here. Kane, a five timeBlues Foundation nominee, sounds stronger than ever five years after pancreatic cancer. Her voice is a finely-tuned, polished instrument capable of moving effortlessly from a sassy, Etta James blues snarl to a defiant Amy Winehouse ache, the jazzy sophistication of the “Queen of Swing” Mildred Bailey, and the rockabilly wildness of the young Wanda Jackson. The songwriting is fun, smart and sophisticated. The guitar playing and singing, fresh and new while honoring the bold blues of the past. This may be Kane's finest work to date - Dave Rubin

Billy Price - Strong

Blue-eyed soul man Billy Price has been a high-profile singer on the Pittsburgh PA scene for the past three decades. Billy was the lead singer with the Roy Buchananband for three years, appearing on the late Buchanan’s legendary Livestock set (recorded in New York City in 1975) and That’s What I’m Here For album. Price then went on to record several blues/soul sets under his own name, pocketing a handful of awards on the way.

Now, here is the new Billy price solo recording, totally blues and soul oriented, with special guests Monster Mike Welch, Fred Chapellier and two Nighthawks members : Mark Wenner and Mark Stutso.

Lightnin’ Guy - Inhale My World

“Inhale My World” is the second release from Belgium’s #1 blues & roots artist, Lightnin’ Guy on Dixiefrog Records. This album features 12 originals, exploring new musical directions where he blends the love for traditional blues with his contemporary songwriting; creating a unique sound & style. This album is a must-have for everybody who loves the sound of slide guitar from artists like Daniel Lanois, Ben Harper, John Butler, Chris Whitley, Derek Trucks... Not only does his music head into new directions, also his lyrics reach deeper & further than before. Every song on the album is a chapter of his life, key moments & people that shaped him into the man he is today, aged 37. So take a place on a front row seat & inhale the past, present and future of the Lightnin’ Guy.

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Bootleggers    |   2014-05-7   |   Pau - Showcase Time - France
Bootleggers    |   2014-05-10   |   Ledeuix - Ours Riders Harleys Meeting - France
Neal Black    |   2014-05-16   |   Nogent Le Retrou - France (with B.T.C Blues Revue)
Neal Black    |   2014-05-23   |   Alençon - France
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Bootleggers    |   2014-05-30   |   Salaise/Sanne - Country Music Festival - France
Little Bob    |   2014-05-31   |   Pavilly – Festival (gratuit) – France
Leadfoot Rivet    |   2014-06-3   |   Paris - Le Sunset - France
Leadfoot Rivet    |   2014-06-4   |   Mulhouse / Bartenheim - Caf’Conc’ des 3 Frontièree - France
Neal Black    |   2014-06-5   |   La Rochelle - France
Little Bob    |   2014-06-6   |   Ris Orangis - Le Plan - France
Neal Black    |   2014-06-6   |   St Amans Soult - France
Little Bob    |   2014-06-7   |   Nancy – Parc Expo - France
Neal Black    |   2014-06-7   |   Festival Vic en Bigorre - France
Bootleggers    |   2014-06-7   |   Chadurie - American week-end - France
Little Bob    |   2014-06-8   |   Vernon – Festival “Vernon Too Rock” - France
Bootleggers    |   2014-06-8   |   Tarbes - Ecole Agostini - France