Deborah Coleman

Livin’ On Love
Deborah Coleman - Livin’ On Love
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The fact that Deborah Coleman is an African-American female who is a lead blues guitarist, singer and songwriter may make her a very unique artist and put her in a category all by herself, but it is her talent and passion that have placed her on the brink of stardom.

Living Blues magazine profiled her in a two page spread as one of the top up and coming young blues artists under the age of 40. She's in demand on the East Coast club and festival circuit, having established a solid reputation for raw energy, crowd-pleasing performances.
Tracklist and audio samples
  Livin’ On Love
  Light Of Day
  Happy When You’re Unhappy
  Bending Like A Willow Tree
  Deserted Highway
  Don’t Talk In My Sleep
  Memory Lane
  You’re With Me
  Torn In Two
  Heaven’s Got The Blues

Release date : 2001

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