Eric Bibb

A Ship Called Love
Eric Bibb - A Ship Called Love
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"Dear friends,
Inspiration from many wonderful music-makers, past and present, has contributed to the creation of these songs. Ithank them all.
In that spirit of deep gratitude, this album is dedicatedto the late great Curtis Mayfield - a masterful troubadour - whose songs will keep on being sung - Bon voyage."
Eric Bibb.
Tracklist and audio samples
  A ship called love
  Like Aretha loves to sing
  Right where we are
  Victory Voices
  I’ll never lose you
  The way you are
  Stickin’ to you
  That’s what I do
  Turning world
  More O’ that
  Faded jeans
  When I hear the waves
  Praise ’n’ Thanksgiving

Release date : 2005

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