Popa Chubby

New York city blues
Popa Chubby - New York city blues

Tracklist et Extraits en écoute
  All Good Things - Matt Smith
  Big Sister Betty - Arthur Neilson
  Bleecker Street Boogie - Matt Smith
  Fenderbender - Arthur Neilson
  Guard My Heart - Dimitri & Popa Chubby
  I Can’t Forget The Things You Said - Popa Chubby
  I Think I’m Gonna Pop - Bobby Carson
  Lie Down With The Blues - Popa Chubby
  Lo Han Sway
  Madman Blues / Drivin’ To Dallas - Bobby Carson
  Rested In The Mornin’ - Popa Chubby
  Rock And Roll Zombie - Big Ed Sullivan
  Shaken Blue - "T"
  Stranded In Vegas - Big Ed Sullivan
  Telephone Woman - Popa Chubby
  The Day That I Walked In - "T"
  Walkin’ With Danny - Arthur Neilson
  Woman You Must Be Crazy - Arthur Neilson

Date de sortie : 1999

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