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Little Bob - Libero
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Originally italian (Roberto Piazza), “Little Bob” moved very early in France. He begins to sing (in english) in a rock band around 1975. He s successful with his first albums and tours a lot UK, Ireland and France. He tours with The Inmates, Clash, Lord of the new church, The Sex pistols, Motorhead, The Stranglers…His image (genuineness and musical honesty linked to strong stage performances) is still very strong in France where he has sold a lot of records. With a “back to the roots feeling” he sings for the first time 2 songs in italian in this new album (Libero was the name of his father).
Tracklist and audio samples
  Slave to the beat
  The scream of the ghost
  Foolish waltz
  Be gentle with the whore
  Next generation
  Vivere, sperare
  Mean game
  Lucky man
  Wild cat blues
  Let’s shout

Release date : 2002

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