Eric Bibb

in 50 songs
Eric Bibb - in 50 songs
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A compendium of Eric Bibb's best recordings from the past decade.
50 tracks, 3 CD's, three hours and twenty minutes of outstanding music.

Considering the high level of quality that any Eric Bibb album has, one can imagine how exciting a collection of his favourite tunes, recorded between 2003 and 2013, would be! Here it is - The crown jewels indeed! As a bonus, Bibb re-recorded three especially cherished songs : a brilliant conclusion to the third CD.

Tracklist and audio samples
  CD1 - In My Father’s House
  CD1 - Guru Man Blues
  CD1 - Heading Home
  CD1 - Champagne Habits
  CD1 - Too Much Stuff
  CD1 - Destiny Blues
  CD1 - Sittin’ In A Hotel Room
  CD1 - Come Back Baby
  CD1 - Saucer ‘n’ Cup
  CD1 - Sinner Man
  CD1 - Right On Time
  CD1 - In My Time
  CD1 - For You
  CD1 - If I Stayed
  CD1 - 99 1/2 Won’t Do
  CD1 - No More Cane On The Brazos
  CD1 - Boll Weevil
  CD1 - Kokomo
  CD2 - Dance Me To The End Of Love
  CD2 - Victory Voices
  CD2 - She Got Mine
  CD2 - Tell Riley
  CD2 - Stickin’ To You
  CD2 - A Ship Called Love
  CD2 - Have A Heart
  CD2 - Forgiveness is Gold
  CD2 - Let The Mothers Step Up
  CD2 - Dig A Little Deeper In The Well
  CD2 - On My Way To Bamako
  CD2 - The Cape
  CD2 - Bayou Belle
  CD2 - With My Maker I Am One
  CD2 - Hold On
  CD2 - Connected
  CD3 - Stagolee
  CD3 - Goin’ Down Slow
  CD3 - Drinkin’ Gourd
  CD3 - The Right Thing
  CD3 - Shine On
  CD3 - Faded Jeans
  CD3 - The Way You Are
  CD3 - Don’t Ever Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down
  CD3 - Bourgeois Blues
  CD3 - Diamond Days
  CD3 - Send Us Brighters Days
  CD3 - Water
  CD3 - Weepin’ Mary
  CD3 - Wayfaring Stranger (Bonus track - new version 2014)
  CD3 - Shingle By Shingle (Bonus track - new version 2014)
  CD3 - Needed Time (Bonus track - new version 2014)

Release date : 2014

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