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Harrison Kennedy - Soulscape
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For the past decade, his recordings have earned Harrison Kennedy many accolades in the business. No less than B.B. King has hailed him as Canada’s premier blues performer. Singing and playing the mandolin, the banjo, the guitar and the harmonica in a mostly acoustic setting, his strong poetic writing and full sense of irony largely contribute to the growing success of this very special blues troubadour. His latest album, and his finest to date, Soulscape, displays formidable creativity as he delves into the many musical influences passed on to him. The release of this album is not only a giant step for Harrison; it is one for the blues.

Tracklist and audio samples
  Cat and Mouse Thang
  Back Alley Moan
  Crap Shooter Blues
  Lookin’ For Happy
  Tight Grip
  Chain Gang Holler
  Sport Fishin’
  Chairman Of The Board
  Nothin’ To Lose
  2 Bullets Later
  Caught You Creepin’
  Nappy’s Metaphysical Rag

Release date : 2013

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