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Brothers In Bamako
Eric Bibb & Habib Koité - Brothers In Bamako
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“I watched my parents and it rubbed off on me...” This is how Habib Koité traces the origins of his profession and talent as a 20th century griot. Eric Bibb has a similar background: his father, Leon Bibb, is a singer well known in musical theatre and folk music circles and Eric is also the godson of the famous singer and activist Paul Robeson. In other words, Eric grew up surrounded by music. Habib is the heir to an ancestral knowledge set to song that places him among the mostinfluential voices of contemporary Africa. Eric has established his name in the new generation of bluesmen without renouncing the legacy of folk and gospel. What could be more natural than for this Malian and African- American to join the rhythms of their guitars and voices in some transatlantic blues? Two popular singers, two singers rooted in an ancient tradition and everything it infers: knowledge, a unique musical repertoire, and a way of using song to pass a social message. Both have humbly acquired a sense for song that permeates society.

Tracklist and audio samples
  On my way to Bamako
  Touma Ni Kelen / Needed time
  We don’t care
  Send us brighter days
  Nani Le
  With my maker I am one
  Foro Bana
  Mami Wata
  Blowin’ the wind
  Goin down the road feelin’ bad

Release date : 2012

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