Malted Milk

Sweet Soul Blues
Malted Milk - Sweet Soul Blues

Originating from Nantes (France), Malted Milk moves within the sheerest Afro-American musical tradition, brilliantly combining blues and funky soul. The band has become one of the major figures of the French blues scene. This notoriety goes far beyond the French border, since the band has also performed abroad on many occasions to back headliners such as Big Joe Turner or to participate in the finals of the Memphis International Blues Challenge in 2007.
Tracklist and audio samples
  Brand new thing
  Hang in on
  Straight woman blues
  Them fair weather friends
  Da Bump
  I hear the love chimes
  Dresses too short
  Don’t burn down the bridge
  All i do
  Hard working woman
  Hard time killin’ floor blues

Release date : 2010

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