Pura Fe’

Full Moon Rising
Pura Fe’ - Full Moon Rising
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This is the third album on the Dixiefrog imprint from the First Nation, Tuscarora Indian poetess and folksinger, in the Wake of the remarkable Indian Rez Blues box that she recently used as an introduction to the works of her fellow Native American artists. Sailing from traditional melodies to scorching blues with her usual grâce and dedication, she adds a healthy sprinkling of rap and canoe chants to her music before leading us all the way to Southern America where the eagle meets the condor. Pure magic!
Tracklist and audio samples
  Red, black on blues
  Grammah easter’s lullaby
  Flight tonight
  Woman sacred
  **** 4 daughters
  The condor meets the eagle
  Hard time killing floor
  Great granpah’s banjo
  Stand up for human pride
  My angel
  Ole mid life crisis
  Mahk jchi
  All my relations
  Back in the world
  The jam

Release date : 2009

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