Larry Garner

Here Today Gone Tomorrow
Larry Garner - Here Today Gone Tomorrow

Born in New Orleans, in 1952, Larry Garner grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, discovering the blues with Slim Harpo and Jimmy Reed. First playing the guitar in a gospel quartet, he then got his influences from Jimi Hendrix and the pop music of the sixties. While staying close to the roots of blues, Larry Garner crafts a distinctive sound. His skills as a guitarist and a songwriter, approaching a wide range of themes, establish him as one of the most gifted blues artists of his generation. He has recorded for JSP, Gitanes/Verve and Ruf Records but, unfortunately, because of health problems he has stayed away for the recording studios during seven years. He’s back, now, with this « Here Today, Gone Tomorrow » cut with the band he used to work with for years and some old friends like Henry Gray, Stanley “Buckwheat Zydeco” Dural, Oscar “Harpo” Davis, Rudolph Richard, Elvin Killerbee and (the young) Jared Daigle.

But Let’s Larry introduce this album himself to the audience : « This CD is dedicated to the memory of my father, Edward Garner and my mother-in-law Mable Barnes. I also want to always remember my friends Raful, Ronnie and Jackie Neal, Terry “T-Bone” Singleton, Chuck Mitchell, Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown, Mark “Cadillac” Cook, Johnny "Songbird" Adams, John Fred, Doug Couch, and Nikki all who were here just yesterday and gone today for I was almost in that number but it wasn't my time yet. Special Thanks to all those folks who helped me, visited me and emailed me during my illness. »

Bonus video included :
Tracklist and audio samples
  Bull Rider
  Heavy Pieces
  Here Today Gone Tomorrow
  For You Mr. King
  The Last Coke
  Raised In The Country
  Show Me That You Love Me
  Someplace For Evil
  Keep Singing The Blues
  Champagne And Reefer
  Funk It Up

Release date : 2008

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