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Redneck Blues
Mighty Mo Rodgers - Redneck Blues
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At the turn of the new millenium emerged a blues mighty prophet who made up for the genre’s dwindling spirituality: Mo Rodgers. Thanks to a revolutionary album entitled Blues Is My Wailin’ Wall, Mo recounted the whole history of the blues, from the slave trade of yesteryears to the current bluesploitation days. A second outing (Red, White and Blues) was soon in the works to cash in on this success, and it became an instant hit with the blues crowd. So, here is now « Redneck Blues », the third part of the Mighty Mo Rodgers Blues Anthology ! Rather than a fatalistic, somber vision of the world, Mo provides us with an optimistic perception of what could easily be if we all accepted to see things as they are, instead of trying to blindfold ourselves in a sterile attitude of denial. Along with their poetic intuitiveness, this sense of hope is probably the blues’ most enduring legacy. A sense of hope and perspective that makes Maurice Rodgers one of today’s greatest living bards, no less.
With bonus video included.
Tracklist and audio samples
  Welcome to doo dah
  The antebellum south shuffle (pt. 1)
  The ashes of nicodemus
  The antebellum south shuffle (pt. 2)
  John Brown blues
  Hambone blues
  Don’t die with a lie (on your lip)
  No second line (this time)
  There but for the grace of God
  Death of th middle class
  Truth, justice and the blues
  Blues ain’t devil music
  ... Everything but the burden
  Gangs, guns and testosterone
  They bombed the Taj Mahal !
  Have you seen the american dream ? (pt. 2)
  Redneck Blues

Release date : 2007

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