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Handful Of Rain
Neal Black - Handful Of Rain
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The Blues of Neal Black is a Blues of true life stories . It wasn't something he learned from a video clip or read from a book. Like the real Bluesmen, Neal black has lived his Blues : true stories of hard times in Texas (after a "disagreement" with the local Sheriff and Judge), loneliness in New York City, homesick in Mexico ...

The Blues of Neal Black is sung with a voice that's somewhere between Tom Waits and Howling Wolf after a carton of Marlboro. The Blues of Neal Black is colored with dark rage, sweet melancholy and drenched in smoking guitarwork that burns like a Tequila Sunrise.

"Handful of Rain" is Neal Black's 5th album released on Dixiefrog, this new album is filled with his lyrics that bite and scratch at your soul, and opens doors of long forgotten shadows in the back of your mind.

Special guest musicians include : Gib Wharton/Pedal Steel Guitar ( ex-Van Morrison, Holmes Brothers), LLoyd Herman/Drums (ex- Gatemouth Brown), Val Cronk/Bass & Piano (ex- Augie Meyers) and Fred Chapellier (acoustic Guitar & Bass).
Tracklist and audio samples
  Roll away voodoo sister
  Black Girl
  Fich Drip Jones
  God Down Here
  Cry Today
  Dirty Leg Fever
  Handful of Rain
  Who They Really Are
  Black Mountain Rag
  Bad Rose Tatoo
  Rainbow Graveyard
  Judgement Day

Release date : 2007

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