Conditions of use

The following provisions set forth the general terms of sale for the products offered by the company DIXIEFROG on its web site at the following address : http :// Clicking on the icon "I accept"signifies that you agree to purchase the item presented and as well that you accept the general terms of sale which follow. The DIXIEFROG company therefore asks that you carefully read the following clauses. The DIXIEFROG company specifies that it is not possible to purchase an item without accepting the following conditions.

Article 1 : Object

The present contract determines the rights and obligations of the DIXIEFROG company and of the consumer in the framework of the sale of goods offered by the DIXIEFROG company on its web site. The general terms of sale represent all rights and obligations of the two parties, no additional conditions can be added to these. As it applies to a contract completed at distance, the company DIXIEFROG makes itself known to the customer by : identifying the company by its corporate name, its address, its telephone number, its id number, its email address and the address of the establishment responsible for the offer if it is different from the address of the company head quarters.

Article 2 : Contractual documents

The present contract is made up of the general terms of sale followed, in legal value, by the order form.

Article 3 : Applicable law

The parties agree that this contract falls under French law.

Article 4 : Characteristics of the goods and services offered

The company DIXIEFROG informs the consumer of all of the essential characteristics of the goods offered. These characteristics are illustrated by DIXIEFROG by the use of photographs showing and describing the given article. The DIXIEFROG company invites the customer to attentively read these characteristics. In general, these characteristics concern the dimensions, the weight, the quantity, the colors, the materials of the goods offered. Except if specifically indicated, the DIXIEFROG company does not geographically limit its delivery area. The offer is valid for a predetermined period and therefore the customer should verify the date of expiration of the offer. The DIXIEFROG company commits itself to include all documents necessary for the use of the goods purchased at the time of delivery. The customer is aware that the goods will be delivered by means of the postal service. The customer acknowledges that the photograph representing the article on the web site has no contractual value. Alterations can in fact appear due to the treatment of the photo.

Article 5 : Commitment

When the customer clicks on the "I accept" button, he is irrevocably committed, his agreement can not be questioned with the exception of application of article 9.

Article 6 : Prices

The prices are indicated in Euros. The VAT rate will be added to this indicated price if it is applicable, as well as delivery charges. The VAT rate indicated on the order form will be the rate applicable on the day of purchase. If the delivery is outside of the European Economic territory, customs and related costs remain the sole responsibility of the customer. The customer therefore is asked to verify the conformity of the delivery to the indicated country. If the customer wishes the prices to be converted into another currency, he will advise the DIXIEFROG company of this wish.

Article 7 : Order confirmation

To assure the wishes of the customer, the Dixiefrog company commits itself to confirming every order. On this confirmation will figure the mention of the item ordered, its price, the payment method as well as the terms of delivery. This confirmation will be sent by email, at the latest, at the time of delivery.

Article 8 : Proof

These order confirmations are kept on file at the DIXIEFROG company and will be considered as valid proof of the nature of the agreement and its date.

Article 9 : Cancellation limit

The customer has a cancellation limit of 7 days from the reception of the article ordered. In the hypothesis where the seller has not in the meantime received a confirmation of the order, this cancellation limit is increased to 3 months. If the customer chooses to use his cancellation limit, the DIXIEFROG company engages to reimburse the amount paid within a 30 day period. The customer can also request the exchange of the product. However, if the item purchased is an item sealed in plastic wrap (for example computer software), the consumer can not request the right to a cancellation after opening of the plastic wrap.

Article 10 : Delivery

The DIXIEFROG company commits itself to deliver the products ordered within 30 days from the time of ordering. If the good is unavailable, the consumer will be notified immediately and can choose to cancel his order. He can then request another product in exchange or reimbursement. The products will be delivered to the address indicated by the consumer on the order form. All complaints must be addressed to the address indicated in article 1. The consumer should verify the general condition of the packaging of the product delivered ; in case of damage, he must indicate this on the order form. He must notify the DIXIEFROG company with 3 days. In case of nonconformity of the product delivered, the DIXIEFROG company will exchange the product or reimburse the customer.

Article 11 : Guarantee and after sale service

The customer benefits from a contractual guarantee against all product defects for a period of one year (to be confirmed from the first use of the product). The Dixiefrog company engages to repair or to replace at its expense all parts known to be defective during the above period, all labor costs included in this guarantee. Not included in this guarantee are all failures resulting from an abnormal use of the product caused by negligence or fault of the customer, the replacement of parts due to the normal wear of the product as well as the malfunctioning or damage linked to an accident or force of nature.

Article 12 : Payment

For each product offered for sale, the customer has the choice of the following payment options :
-  immediate payment by credit card
-  payment by cheque

The customer attests to have the necessary authorisations to make the payment he has chosen. In the case of payment by credit card, the payment can be refused in case of fraudulent use of the card in accordance with the agreement between the customer and his banking institution.

Article 13 : Nominative information

For efficient order processing, the nominative data will be handled by computer, the customer acknowledge his awareness of this fact. The information concerning the customer will never been transmitted to any person or company. The customer also has right to access and rectification of the information concerning him contained in the files of the company. This computer treatment has been declared to the CNIL and has the following number 1010299.

Article 14 : Technical security

The DIXIEFROG company uses encoding to secure its online transactions, these means have been authorised and carry a number in accordance with the existing legislation.

Article 15 : Disputes

In the hypothesis where a dispute should arise from the present contractual relationship, the parties pledge to attempt to find an amicable solution before any judicial pursuit. The parties agree that the present contract falls under the exclusive jurisdiction of Lille (France).