Tino Gonzales

Born in the Bluestown of Chicago in 1951, Tino Gonzales, grew up with the soul sounds of Black music. Blues, R & B, Jazz, and Soul have all contributed to his musical foundations. Having served his apprenticeship with a wide range of blues and jazz greats, he eventually set off on his solo Blues career in 1985. Tino Gonzales is to the blues what Carlos Santana is to Rock music ! Coming from "southside" of Chicago, this one of a kind Chicano cooked his special blues in New York with a touch of funk, a spicy latin groove and a jazzy beat. As a Mexican dude, a spanish blood runs in his veins. Tinos’ blues is hot and so different, a real blast in the today blues landscape. Fluid, cool and sexy that’s Gonzales touch. As a lover of the old Europe, the guitar player (married with a german lady) settled down in the "Cathares’ country", down south of France. The angry Chicano testifies the attitude of US government in what he called : " war for oil and power". Mexican poet takes note of the present conflct and brings a personal point of vue as a reporter in this world of controversy.

Travelling throughout Europe, from France, Belgium, Holland, Luxemburg and Germany, to Spain, Italy and even Slovenia, Gonzales has become deeply influenced by the Old World roots of the same soulful music he grew up on in the States. Spanish, Gypsy, Arabic and African influences, which originally contributed to both, Latin and Black American music, have all found their way into his repertoire.

Gonzales deeply cares about humanity and planet earth. To him the essence of blues is not only about the sense of desperation rooted in slavery or variations on the theme of personal misery, but instead conveys a message that applies to the human condition everywhere, and throughout all of time. He sings the blues of the American Indians, the Blues of drug addicts, the blues of the world.

Nuke the world is more than a simple CD, that’s a "citizen of the world" feeling about the actual madness of men !

Watch out for "SPEEDY GONZALES"...

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